Controversies surrounding popular televangelist  Bishop Daniel Obinim seems to know no bounds as another controversy started on Friday night. This time, the self acclaimed “Angel” of God descended heavily on Captain Smart for daring him to appear in his dream.

Speaking on his favourite OBTV’s programme dubbed “Daye” on Friday night, a furious Bishop Obinim accepted the challenge and promised to visit host of Adom Fm’s “Dwaso Nsem” programme in his dream.

The challenge was in reaction to Captain Smart’s comment to give the popular man of God some hefty slaps if he dares appeares in his dream, a comment the man of God did not take lightly.

The outspoken and firebrand journalist had promised on his programme  to give Bishop Obinim some hefty slaps if he dares appears in his dream.

“I am daring Bishop Obinim to appear in my dream and see. If he dares appear in my dream, I will give him some slaps”.

Bishop Obinim wondered why he is always at the receiving end of baseless and countless accusations from most people. He added that there varieties of choices in relation to churches, men of God, political parties and television stations and so those who doubt his works can go to other men of God . He further queried if Captain Smart has the spiritual prowess to even dare a fetish priest.

“What do people want from me ? If you don’t believe me just shout up and leave my followers a lone. Do you have eyes, do you have ears, can you even dare a fetish priest?”.

He further warned Captain Smart that  he has more that 15million fans so if anyone provokes him, these loyal members will descend on  heavily on that person.

“I have more than 15 million fans, so if you provoke and they descend on you,you will run away. You cant withstand even the Tema branch of my church” .

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