The founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministry International, Rev. Dr. Owusu Bempah has asked Bishop Daniel Obinim to desist from making a mockery of Jesus Christ. Speaking on Okay FM,  NsromaMedia notice that the outspoken man of God took his time to educate Obinim on who Jesus Christ is; that his name can not be misused as Obinim does. Well, these are the damning things he said to Obinim:

He Is A Liar
Obinim claimed he never talked about Owusu-bempah. Well, according to Owusu-Bempah, Obinim is a liar for saying so. He referred Obinim to a time when he claimed that Owusu-Bempah does not even deserve to eat his fecal matter .

He Is Not A Pastor
Unlike people like Akwasi Amoako who died for the service of God, people like Obinim have been deteriorating the standards set by renowned men of God. NsromaMedia noticed that Owusu-Bempah put claims out there that the Jesus Christ that people serve is not the one Obinim serves because great angels and men of God cannot even go near him.

He Was Ordained By A Fetish Priest
Yaw Appiah, whom Obinim claims is his spiritual father is a fetish priest. His spiritual father put him in a coffin to ordain him. The said Yaw Appiah is in Kumasi. NsromaMedia noticed that he is at Tanoso, we will bring you more.

Throwing A Challenge
Owusu- Bempah claims that Obinim is not his size because Obinim’s spiritual father, Yaw Appiah is not even close to him. So he is willing to make his junior pastors challenge Obinim wherever he wants to meet them.

He Has Never Raised A Dead Body
Obinim has been paying people at Kasoa to fake miracles at his church. He is unable to pay these people who tend to report him to Owusu-Bempah. He dared Obinim to go to Korle-bu for a dead body and resurrect it.  NsromaMedia awaits Obinim’s response.

He Does Sakawa
Owusu Bempah says Obinim’s money is not real if he claims he barges into banks to steal money. Left for some countries like the US, Obinim would be in jail.

Your Church Is Nowhere Near Me
Despite having people, Owusu Bempah says Yaw Appiah used bats to concort something for Obinim to pull members to his church. And this does not match the genuine followings he has.

You Came To Me To Beg Me Your Spiritual Father
According to him, Obinim came to his house and begged him to be his spiritual father but upon prayers, he realised he was not from God. Obinim never came back to him again.

I Will Shut Your Church This Week
If Obinim dares to reply this, I will shut down his church this week.

There you have it, Obinim may have bitten more than he can chew. NsromaMedia is standing by to bring you developments as and when they unravel.


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