A member of the Ghana Boxing Authority(GBA), Alhaji Tawfik, says its quite disconcerting to hear Bukom Banku embroiled in series of off-the-ring controversies.

He said Banku’s conduct outside the ring was against the tenets of a sport famed as the noble art of self defence.

Tawfik, an execitive member of the GBA however, told the Graphic Sports yesterday, that the authority was constrained to act because so far there was no record of Banku’s so-called undesirable conduct officially known to the authority.

Banku was last Wednesday granted bail by the Accra Central Police for an alleged assault of four women who lodged the complaint with the police claiming the boxer attacked them without provocation at Bukom.

The case followed a series of assault cases involving the boxer, including one against an old woman.

Banku’s conduct, in the view of keen followers of the sport, would easily attract severe sanctions, including a withdrawal of his licence, but Tawfik insisted the GBA couldn’t rush to act merely because it had heard or read about an assault case involving Banku in the media.

“Banku might have assaulted some people, but the GBA is officially unaware of all these cases because people choose to either keep to themselves or report to the police.

‘These matters must be referrred to the GBA for the appropriate sanctions,” he added.

Source: Graphic

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