- Asamoah Gyan beat three women for refusing him sex
- Bukom Banku is fast becoming notorious for beating up women too.

Prominent persons in music, sports and politics in Ghana and elsewhere are held in high esteem for contributing towards happiness and our socio economic development. They are therefore required to manage their egos even when provoked by admirers and non admirers.
But what do we see; while majority of our celebrities are comporting themselves on or off stage, there are a few including the most celebrated ones that are “misbehaving”. While the captain of Ghana’s Black Stars is tagged with slapping people, at least provocation, the celebrated Ghanaian boxer Bukom Banku is fast becoming notorious for beating up women. Currently he is billed to appear before court in Accra for beating up three women for refusing him sex. Asamoah Gyan’s case is serious coming as he took a wrong step a few days before his team the Black Stars goes into Africa Cup qualifying encounter with the Mozambique national football team in Accra.

The incident is said to have occurred when the Black Stars of Ghana were checking in at the hotel ahead of their 2017 AFCON qualifier game with Mozambique on Thursday.

When the victim reminded the Captain on the need to abide by a new security arrangement of the hotel, he did not take kindly the information given leading to some argument with the worker uttering some unpleasant words resulting in the attack.

Ghana’s Striker is said to have since apologized to the said worker of the hotel, and the worker too acknowledging his fault for verbally abusing the striker. However with the news of the incident going viral the harm has been done.

This is not the first time Asamoah has been engaged in physical assault. It will be recalled in some few years ago; the all time highest Ghana scorer slapped a fan of the Black Stars at LindaDor, a restaurant off the Accra – Kumasi main road.

On the other hand Ibrahim Kamoko alias Bukom Banku the celebrated boxer is also found wanting for fast becoming a notorious bully.

Like many of his admirers a member of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA), Alhaji Tawfik, is not happy with the attitude of the boxer as he says it’s quite disconcerting to hear Bukom Banku embroiled in series of off-the-ring controversies saying “Banku’s conduct outside the ring is against the tenets of a sport known as the noble art of self defense.

Tawfik, who is an executive member of the GBA however, told the Graphic Sports yesterday, that the authority was constrained to act because so far there was no record of Banku’s so-called undesirable conduct officially known to the authority.

However Banku was last Wednesday granted bail by the Accra Central Police for an alleged assault of four women who lodged the complaint with the police claiming the boxer attacked them without provocation at Bukom. When news of the two boxers were published members of the public were divided over the conducts of the two men . while others feel they have done nothing wrong by beating up people when provoked others feel otherwise. I go along with those who calling of Bukom Banku and Asamoah Gyan to take is easy. The reason is simple; the two popular men are role models and national icons whose activities good or bad are monitored by many in and outside the nation. Please stop the assaults, yes don’t the aw in your own hands but report those who provoke you for action to be taken on them by the right law enforcement agencies such as the police

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