Right now in the city of ACCRA24.COM, the sun started to shine and gave power to the rainbow of Ghana, we lifted up our  head and look into GHANA SKY .COM, as we all contemplate,  we then saw  the emancipation of Ghanaian people and a voice came out! shouting "PEACE! FREEDOM!! FREEDOM and JUSTICE FOR MY PEOPLE", as we watch for a moment,  we heard another voice of people crying and weeping for the pain others were giving to their family because of US-based Ghanaian guns that was smuggled to Ghana.

We get close to the voices of souls crying and what we could hear was "HELP! HELP!! WAR! WAR!!" but as we took an action to help as reporters of GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM, we saw instantly, a gun was fired vertically upward  and we asked ourselves, what will happened to this  bullet in the air?.

Report reaching ACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM shows that, US-based Ghanaian accused of trying to smuggle guns to Ghana...? THE KILLER is looking for WAR in 2016 Election, Ghana is unsafe!

People of Ghana let us start to pray for the nation of Ghana.

Remember, those who are going to use this guns are all ready in Ghana, and according to USA  WSOC9 TV station,  Richmond Atta, 30 years, was charged with one count of violating the Arms Export Control Act, one count of illegal firearms dealing, two counts of smuggling goods from the United States and four counts of making false statements to a firearms dealer, according to federal authorities.

Officials said between September 2013 and December 2015 Attah purchased approximately 63 firearms and 3,500 rounds of ammunition from various stores, Internet vendors and at gun shows. The indictment then states on Sept. 4, 2015, Atta traveled from Charlotte to Ghana.

According ACCRA24.COM analyst through WSOC9 TV, the court document goes on to state that, Attah then hid more than two dozen weapons and another 3,500 rounds of ammunition inside a washing machine and dryer and tried to have them shipped to Ghana. U.S. Customs found the weapons and ammunition before they were shipped out of the United States.

Attah hid $30,100 in his luggage during his return trip, falsely declaring on customs paperwork that he was bringing $350 back into the United States, according to the charges.


Ghanaian Smuggle Guns to Ghana Before 2016 Election - OFMTV.COM
Ghanaian Smuggle Guns to Ghana Before 2016 Election - OFMTV.COM
Posted by GhanaSky.com on Sunday, February 21, 2016


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