• The Visitor of DEATH is after NPP Before 2016 Election.
  • The KILLER is after NPP Before 2016 Election.

As GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM reporters soliloquised in a moment after the death of JB Danquah, right in the city of ACCRA24.COM, the sun started to shine and gave power to the rainbow of Ghana, we lifted up our  head and look into GHANA SKY, as we all contemplate,  we then saw  the emancipation of Ghanaian people and a voice came out!
 shouting "PEACE! FREEDOM!! FREEDOM and JUSTICE FOR MY PEOPLE", as we watch for a moment,  we heard another voice of people crying and weeping for the pain others were giving to their family.

We get close to the voices of souls crying and what we could hear was "HELP! HELP!!" but as we took an action to help as reporters of GHANASKY.COM and ACCRA24.COM, we saw instantly, a gun was fired vertically upward  and we asked ourselves, what will happened to this  bullet in the air?.

Report reaching ACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM shows that, the VISITOR OF DEATH IS AFTER NPP...? THE KILLER is after NPP Before 2016 Election, Ghana is unsafe!

  According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, the KILLER has being assigned with names of political people, that must die before 2016 Election.

ACCRA24.COM reseach through GHANASKY.COM indicates that, some of the people on the list are very close pillars of NPP members.

 The VISITOR or the KILLER is a person appointed to terminate the life of those political figures.

 The VISITOR/KILLER is a special trained person with years of experience in the KILLING BUSINESS, they are in GHANA now and very soon they will move to their NEXT TARGET while people are still crying.

 Therefore all the political parties, especially NPP leaders must watch out their steps in every moment.

From GHANASKY.COM analyst, the VISITOR/KILLER comes in three major ways:
1. They create means of hosting you in a special place to entertain you and as a result inject a dynamic viscosity into you blood system, either through food or drink, which kills after hours, so the KILLER or the VISITOR will not be identify.

2. The VISITOR/KILLER also comes direct to individuals houses to set up the killing method

3. The VISITOR/KILLER also carries spiritual powers, that protect their movements and therefore they can visit their victims at any time or any moment to finish them.

In times of need, where do Ghana run to? What is the first instinct when a nation is in trouble? Do we run to other Countries or to ELOHIM? Who can you count on to provide the expert results, and who has the capacity, ability and resources to meet GHANAIANS need irrespective of the problem?.

Ghana Police alone can not make research about these VISITORS/KILLERS, because  of their methods. Therefore, all the political leaders, especially NPP must appoint or seek a spiritual HELP from ELOHIM. And our publishing office can recommend some Spiritual leaders in  GHANA like: Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor of ICGC Adenta-Madena, Accra and also Prophet Frank Dwomoh Sarpong of Restoration Chapel, USA.

BELOW ARE SOME FEW LIST OF DEATH IN GHANA: Amongst all these unfortunate happenings or unfortunate assassinations attacks on innocent Ghanaians as seen below:

Feb 09, 2016  - The MP for Abuakwa North gunned down by unknown assailants.  Joseph Boakye-Danquah was found stabbed to death at his home in the capital Accra.

May, 2015 -  The Upper East Regional Chairman of the NPP Adams Mahama died in the hospital following an acid attack on him.

Jun 21, 2014 - The Paramount Chief of the Nanumba Traditional Area, Naa Dasana Andani, killed.

20 Nov. 2014 - Nana Adusa Gyapong, the chief of Atwima Koforidua in the Ashanti Region gunned down by unknown assailants.

Mar 12, 2014 - Nii Ayittey Noyatse, the Joma Mantse, was shot and killed by unidentified assailants.

Nov 5, 2013 - Paramount Chief of Seikwa, Nana Kwaku Dwumah Ankoana II, assassinated

March 13, 2014, - Fennec Okyere, manager of controversial hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kese, shot dead.

Nov 12, 2015 - Vodafone Marketing Officer shot dead in his home at Sakumono

Dec 5, 2014 - The Branch Manager of Ecobank Ghana at Abrepo in Kumasi in the Ashanti region has been shot dead.

12 Dec, 2013 - Stanbic Bank worker murdered in mysterious circumstances.

And our condolence to all the family of JB Danquah .


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