ACCRA24.COM can confirm that, our Central Bankers, such as Ghana commercial Bank creates MONEY NOTES OR COINS from their Consciousness. Consciousness can also be viewed as one’s MIND set of designed that give birth to the reality. When the knowledge of the existence is gone, one may no longer live.

Report reaching ACCRA24.COM through our source GHANASKY.COM, shows that Bishop Daniel Obinim, the founder of  International God's Way Church, who has become a subject of controversy is now spiritual Economist and a Banker. He works at the bank as a supreme being and he fully understands the principle of demand and supply according to Kwesi Koomson.

Bishop Obinim understands the general fall in disposable incomes and supplies strangers  with his magical operation with money from the bank; Bishop Obinim Can Magically Enter Banks of any kind, access the money and make transfer spiritually.

Also Obinim recognizes the growing demand for miracles, authentic or not, so Obinim try to supply his traffic.

Bishop Obinim understands the principle of scale of preference, his audience first, everything else is secondary. He understands the principle of aggregation, he believes in numbers and the fact that numbers create a higher turnover.

Accordging to GHANASKY.COM analyst, the Spiritual economist and a banker Bishop Obinim goes on to explain how Ghana money is being used by our political leaders. And there is no other money any where.  He goes on to explain, it is the same money we used to make shopping or purchasing of goods from shops, giving offerings, sponsoring TV programs, some in our rooms, some in the banks etc.

Bishop Obinim said, incase somebody need(s) money, he can magically or spiritually enter any of the many banks in Ghana as he used to visit his church members in their dreams and make money tranfer in so many methods as explained in video below.

 Ghana monetary and economic system has now entered these dualistic realms of reality. Money and trading has entered this Spiritual or Metaphysical Realm - that is  theoretical, conceptual, philosophical, speculative, intellectual, academic, unpractical, which based on abstract reasoning and connect to spirituality.

Ben Bernanke and his QE operation is a good example of spiritual (consciousness) money emerging from ‘nothing’ and ‘no where’! Big Ben has derived some $20 trillion of money units from his Consciousness since 2008. How much more will emerge in the coming months as Bishop Obinim claimed to enter any bank at any time?.



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