An Islamic cleric, numerologist and philosopher has hinted who the loser will be in the upcoming November 7 election.

Sheikh Ustaz Sham-un Jibril, who is known globally for his accurate predictions on both local and international issues, has noted that the incumbent president will lose his seat – perhaps to the largest opposition party.

“If Almighty Allah makes election 2016 possible in Ghana, per my spiritual calculation and research, President Mahama and the NDC will lose the election half touch (thus halfway through collations before declaration)”

“What I mean by half touch is that counting of votes will be ongoing, and the collated results so far and the gap between the incumbent president and the leading opposition party will speak and announce itself. The incumbent president shall accept and concede defeat even before declaration,” He emphatically said in an interview with Peacefmonline.com

He further explained that – “In the later part of the collation, some constituencies in certain regions such as Volta Region, Brong Ahafo and some part of Northern will be collated last and will not make any difference as happened to candidate Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria in their last election.”

Sheikh Ustaz Sham-un Jibril, however, noted that, violence may emanate – “There will be some crises or casualties in a form of violence, beatings, severe injuries, etc. along the line. This is what will constitute the unfortunate aspect of the election. I humbly call on Ghanaians to rise up and call on to their creator to save mother Ghana.”

The acclaimed international soothsayer also pleaded with the various security services to be vigilant in the process – “I advise that they act neutral and apply the law without any fear or favour. The Police’s attention should be focused on the following regions and places such as Tamale Central, Hohoe, Wa Central, Asawase, Madina, Ashaiman and Bawku Central during the election.”

“..I said these because my calculations foresee confusion and misunderstanding in these areas mentioned,” he added.

With regards to the media, he said – “I hope and believe they will work according to their ethics. They should report as they see during the election. I also foresee some media personnel suffering some attacks on the field. I foresee a Joy FM reporter being attacked in Upper West Region whiles a TV3 reporter attacked in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.”

Sheikh Ustaz also cautioned that – “The EC must act with much professionalism in the execution of their duties because the whole world’s attention will be on Ghana’s election.”

“…The EC and its fraternity must be honest with Ghanaians between now and November 2016 because dishonesty and unprofessionalism with matters concerning elections can throw a country into a state of total confusion or disagreement. Besides, some EC Officials from Brong Ahafo, Northern, Ashanti and Volta Regions will also suffer attacks for a perceived mishandling of their office,” he told Peacefmonline.

Source: Peacefmonline.com

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