Report Reaching ACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM through LOVE WORLD NEWS, Pastor Chris sings in the Spirit, inducing an atmosphere saturated with miracle-working power.

Dignitaries, ministers of the Gospel, believers and unbelievers alike could testify of the unique and tangible presence of God's Spirit that enveloped the Black Star Square and overflow viewing centers during the Night of Bliss Ghana 2016.

With each Spirit-inspired move and Heavenly melody released by Pastor, the anointing increased in the air. In fact, from several hours before the program started, miracles had already begun to happen at the square, testifying to the attention the program had from all of Heaven.

Accordig to Halm Ivan Bubune through ACCRA24.COM analyst, "The miracle has started ooo,a friend of mine whom I invited for nob came with kidney infection as her condition, this condition has disturbed her for years,they went to south Africa for kidney removal,and as it is now,she is living with one kidney of which they were raising money to go and do transplant because the one left too has being infected , I registered her for nob,and she came full of expectations, she said she fasted for the whole of last Friday till the Saturday morning, she went for check up yesterday and the test reviewed that ,the one kidney left is full of life now,no infection anymore and that she can live long,the doctor was amazed and asked her what happened, and she told the Dr, she came for nob with Ps Chris, Glory to God #CEACCRAZONE ".



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