Report reaching ACCRA24.COM and GHANASKY.COM, shows that a native doctor or traditional priest Nana Yaw Appiah claimed he is Bishop Obinim's Spiritual father and he is the source of Obinim's church growth in Tema etc.

According to GHANASKY.COM analyst, Nana Yaw Appiah  throws a challenged to Bishop Obinim to meet him face to face, where by both of them will lay down in closed Coffins for 30 minutes.
Fetish priest Nana Yaw Appiah  even called Bishop Obinim  "Kwadwo" and he said Obinim is not using JESUS powers but he is the own.

It was the same traditional priest, who said many fires currently raging across the country is the result of apocalyptic prophecies by some Ghanaian pastors.

He told Chief Jerry Forson on Accra FM’s Ghana Yen Nsom Tuesday January 12, 2016 that the predictions of doom were not from God but a result of the voodoo activities of some pastors.

“They announce on radio and in public that a misfortune will hit the country. Then once in their closets, they consult black magic, perform some incantations, and tragedy strikes,” Nana Appiah alleged.

“We adopted Christianity from the West, yet you don’t hear of evil prophecies like fire outbreaks from there. But it is Ghana that suffers such negative prophecies, because some pastors have gone for black magic.

“If you are a pastor and you say God has revealed there will be fires, why not pray against it?” the fetish priest questioned.

He further stated that most contemporary Christian ministers are less concerned with saving souls, rather seeking personal glory before men. He told the host: “For majority of the pastors, it’s the money and fame they are after – big cars for themselves and their wives – and making evil prophecies. Because that makes them popular before men; they are less interested in doing what pleases God.

Nana Appiah asked pastors to “make good prophecies so good things happen in the land in order that all the panicking stop”.

He revealed that a lot of pastors had consulted him for voodoo and passed it off as divine powers, saying he would soon release an audio recording, naming and shaming those pastors involved. Nana Appiah added he had quit offering spiritual support for pastors, as he did not want to play a role in leading Christians into deception.

“Today, because Bibles are cheap, anyone goes to buy a Bible and comes to me. Henceforth, I will sell no black magic to anyone,” the traditional priest declared. WATCH FULL AUDIO-VIDEO BELOW FROM THE NATIVE DOCTOR:

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