Woman aged 112  - Smoking 30 cigarettes a day, Don't Know Why She Lives Long?
Batuli Lamichhane took up smoking when she was 17 - and is still going strong almost a century later

A 112-year-old woman claims she don't have secret but she has been smoking for long time. 30 cigarettes per day for the last 95 years.

Madam Batuli Lamichhane was born in March 1903 and took up smoking when she was 17.

And she claims it's her daily habit and she thinks she can ot stop smoking.

She said: “I don't really care how old I am. But I am old nonetheless. I have seen a lot of things change during my lifetime."
Despite her age, Madam Batuli continues to be a chain smoker. She smokes as many as 30 cigarettes a day.

She said, "there is nothing wrong with smoking,”
Batuli's added advice on smoking is to avoid 'commercially made' cigarettes. Instead, she recommends locally made ‘beedis’ - tobacco wrapped in tendu leaf.

Batuli’s husband deserted her eight decades ago after he migrated to India in search of a job
Her eldest son is 85-years-old and has great grand kids. The other four have passed away since.
Batuli's speech is mostly incoherent, but the great grandmother manages to do her chores all by herself.

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal earlier this year, the roof of her house caved in. Since then, Batuli has refused to be relocated to a relative's.
She lives off donations made by a local Hindu temple.

The strong woman believes that there is a secret to living a long life.

"People of this modern age have too much stress. And those who do not work or are idle in their old age won’t live long. So you have to be active and stress free,” she professes.

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