Report reaching ACCRA24.COM confirmed that, Volta Youth are unhappy with Prez Mahama and his Ministers keep fit at HO.

From GHANASKY.COM analyst, the Concerned Volta Youth wish to express our displeasure over the extent of profligacy that has characterised the current John Mahama NDC government which was elected thanks largely to the votes and hard work of the people and youth of the Volta Region.

It has become necessary for the Concerned Volta Youth to come out with this Press Statement as a result of the latest case of wastage of public funds which could have rather been invested in developing our impoverished region.

The Concerned Volta Youth is disappointed at how the government blew GHC 4.3 million on the just ended Executive Retreat in Ho. For us, the vulgar display of opulence witnessed in Ho, these past few days and the huge GHC4.3 million budget we are credibly informed, by sources at the Presidency, was expended on the Retreat, is yet another big threat to the fortunes of the NDC in the Region come November 7th.

We are angered by the fact that the people of the Region, who have been denied any tangible development since the NDC came into government, were faced with the naked wastage of public funds in their own backyard and we are left with no doubt that this will seriously affect the Party.

We find it repugnant that Ministers of State were openly seen gulping down dozens of bottles of expensive wine and Champagne and engaged in expensive Parties during which dozens of ladies (believed to be prostitutes) were brought into Ho in Police escorted convoys, to participate.

The Concerned Volta Youth is by this release calling on the President to immediately dismiss the Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, who oversaw this profligacy and immorality in Ho as he has proven not only to be incompetent but to be a liability to the NDC. We also call for the President to consider reinstating our own Prosper Bani, a son of the Volta soil, for the last leg of this term of office since he proved himself to be competent and didn’t oversee such disgraceful acts.


Gifty Daavi Futukpor


(Concerned Volta Youth)


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