Police in Mombasa on Monday foiled a planned terror attack by suspected Al Shabaab militants in Nyali area.

The officers recovered two assault rifles and over two hundred rounds of ammunition that were being used by the suspects.

Unfortunately, the suspects managed to escape.

According to police, the operation was being led by Mahmoud Salim Mohamed of ID No. 30750990 and Hussein Omar Said of ID No. 30229658.
Mahmoud Salim Mohamed – Wanted terror suspect

Hussein Omar Said has been in the police list of most wanted criminals and his name and photo were circulated by the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett late last year.
Hussein Omar Said – Wanted terror suspect

He is suspected of playing a pivotal role in the June 2014 Mpeketoni attack that left close to 60 people dead and hundreds others injured and property worth millions of shillings reduced to ashes.

The number of suspects in the botched attack on Monday still remains unknown.

Security officers had last week warned that several terror suspects had sneaked into the coastal town and were targeting one of the malls within the city.

The terror attempt comes at a time when the security operation to flush out Al Shabaab militants from Boni Forest in Lamu County has been extended to cover four key areas;  Pandanguo, Bothei, Pangani and Witu.

On Wednesday last week, security officers arrested three men suspected of planning a terror attack in Mombasa.

The three were arrested while attempting to make an illegal MPESA registration at the famous Mwembe Tayari area.

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