The Bible says “for the wages of sin is death” and as such Ghana’s most religious man of God-Bishop Daniel Obinim wants to live by every single commandment of God—except perhaps when it comes to bending his junior pastor’s wife over for straight shot from behind.

In fact, one of the ten important commandments of God says “thou shall not steal”—and in the great Bishop’s estimation, profiting from a stolen product in itself amounts to stealing.

In law, it’s a crime to consume or buy a product which you know had been stolen—and therefore, it’s reasonable that doing so under God’s mighty jurisdiction would be considered a sin too.

For this reason, ScrewLife has been told that Bishop Obinim does not drink MILO or eat any cocoa product including chocolates. And his argument is purely theological; that the first man who brought cocoa seeds to Ghana- Tetteh Quarshie was a thief who stole the first cocoa seeds from Spanish colony Fernando Po (now Bioko in Equatorial Guinea).

For this reason, anyone who drinks MILO or consumes any cocoa product from Ghana, the lineage of Tetteh Quarshie’s stolen seeds is heading straight to hell—because such a person will be regarded as thief in the sight of God.

But there’s a small hole of redemption for everyone; which is, to confess your sins and repent—and never to eat any cocoa product again.

Source: ScrewLife

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