According to ACCRA24.COM analyst, seeing the way the lady was curved and all the thick body type, with big boobs and obviously fat ass, it was likely the Kenya Assemblies of God Pastor was tempted. It's hard for most men to resist true and fresh boobs.

[WATCH Shocking Video] Pastor, Married Woman Busted In The Act At Hotel:

Pastor Caught Red-Handed With Another Man’s Wife - OFMTV.COM
Pastor Caught Red-Handed With Another Man’s Wife - OFMTV.COM
Posted by GhanaSky.com on Friday, December 11, 2015

It is now emerging that the pastor at the centre of Wednesday's dramatic incident in Karatina town where he was caught pants down with another man's wife at a lodging had earlier engaged in an illicit affair with the first wife of the same man. The shocking details were revealed even as mechanics in Embu town, raided the amorous pastor's church ostensibly to teach him a lesson.
A pastor in Kenya, is out of a job after he was caught red-handed with a married woman in a hotel room.

The pastor of a church in the city of Embu, who was caught with the married woman on Sunday, addressed his congregation and asked for forgiveness.

Pastor Anthony Maina of the Kenya Assemblies of God Eastern Gate Church, arrived with his wife Beth, and two children, and said that he did not commit adultery with the woman when they were caught in the hotel room in the city of Karatina, Nyeri County.

“I’m here to tell everyone that I made a mistake, and I have sought God’s forgiveness. The incident saved me because I would have committed more sins,” he said.

The church announced that it had suspended the pastor indefinitely.

“The pastor has committed a crime that goes against the teachings of God, and therefore, he can no longer serve in the church,” a spokesperson for the church said.

Beth said that she had forgiven her husband, saying that they have to come together and move forward as a family.

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