The Nsawam police have arrested one man in the quarrying community of Paebo for trespassing into an area that has been declared a no go area by the police following last weeks explosion.

The man (name withheld) had gone to the explosion site for unknown reasons but some reports say he is the special assistant to the owner of the quarry site. Police say the man is in their grips and would be helping with investigations.

In an interview, Nsawam Police Commander, Superintendent Magnus Sam said “we saw him at a restricted place and immediately he was apprehended. He is in custody as we speak and would be assisting us with investigations.

“As for the owner himself, he has not surfaced yet but we are on the lookout for him and we will surely keep investigating until we get to the bottom of it.”

National Securoty officials are on the site to prevent any likely explosion after it was discovered that there are more explosive material at the site.

It is believed the security officials from National Security, the Police Service Army, Fire Service etc are there to defuse the explosives that were found at the site.

Residents of Paebo, a community in the Adoagyiri district in the Nsawam area were fear stricken after a loud explosion at a quarry site on Wednesday.

Hundreds of residents fled the town with family for fear of more explosions. About 14 of residents were rushed to the hospital following injuries they sustained after the explosion.

One person died as a result of the explosion.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey|tv3network.com|Ghana

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