Dr. Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong - Kingdom tycoon/entrepreneur
It  is my heartbeat that all people under the sun will love  each other, either being in marriage or any other relationship.
 well, "life does not give what one desire for but what one fight for". Let us all learn to build love to one another, no matter what it takes. I have discovered from the room of love that all the secret things of life are not yet downloaded, mankind need more wavelength or frequencies to attract and ejaculate the deposit of extra-multi coloured of beauty in LOVE  that was injected into our human Deoxyribonucleic acid programme by Yeshua HaMashiach, dare we shall be able to set a Holistic platform for this eschatological age, in this kingdomological paradigms of life.

 I am still swimming in my pool of dreams for a better impact in my generation. I do not live for myself but for others who don't even know, I live for them.

Let us arise and inject love to all those we meet. Love is peace, love is wealth; love is restoration; love is life; love is endurance; love is partnership; love is giving; love is a person; love has an eye; love can walk; love can grow; love stop war etc.

         LET ALWAYS LOVE !!!!!!!!Friendship is "Faithful, Reliable, Interesting, Everlasting, Nice, Different, Sharing, Helpful, Incredible & Polite.

Friendship is the feeling one experiences in reaction to a person or situation, It is the expression of a willingness to receive and respond to a message.

Friendship is a meaningful connection with another person.

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.

I Believed in networking because God created man through the networking of Godhead.

So you need  me  and I too need you. Without  a student  a teacher is useless, the same applies to  a student. Without  people, a Nation/country is useless but  some times, you see president's killing, cheating  others etc. No people no leadership. No  people no President. We need each other in life.

Due to that, let us respect all those we meet. Either poor or rich; small or big etc.

Why many  confusion, killings, wars, stealing, destroying, fighting etc because many has lost the  most creative  element of life  called  "LOVE" , which makes unbeatable relationship  for friendship.

Love  is the  PILLAR  that hold  friendship.  Without a pillar most buildings  will fall, so that means all buildings need a pillar to survive.

 It is time for the reality of friendship  to be review  in this eschatological age. My heart is crying, why love is  going  away from mankind? Many Lovers are now enemies,  friends are fighting,  no more trust among  friends etc.


FOR BETTER INTIMACY, Friends  try to build & check the following:
1. Geographical intimacy  ;
2.Professional intimacy ;
3.Artistic intimacy ;
4. Atmospheric intimacy ;
5.Cultural intimacy etc.

Source: ACCRA24.COM 

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