New Kumawood movie - “Our Judges” hits the market
Dabo is now on top of Ghana twi movies no doubt. The guy can talk and make you fall from your seat.  You Can't stop laughing...... Must watch
 Empire Movies production is set to release a new movie titled, Our Judges onto the market.
Empire Movies production is set to release a new movie titled, Our Judges onto the market.

Our Judges comes amidst the alleged judicial scandal that has hit Ghana’s judicial system.
In an investigative piece by journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, thirty-four judges at the country’s High Courts, the Circuit and District courts were captured on camera allegedly taking bribes from litigants whose cases come before them.

The issue has led to some Ghanaians casting doubts on independence of the nation’s judiciary.
The movie was directed by Samuel Ofori

But speaking to Pulse.com.gh, Samuel Ofori noted that the comic movie is intended to build people’s confidence in the judiciary. He indicated that the movie does not seek to mock any judge.

“It’s a comic movie which wants to tell people that there are good and bad judges, that we should respect our judges and lawyers and treat them with harmony regardless of the issue at hand,” he said.

He added that the movie house has done nothing wrong by coming out with a movie on the happenings in the country.

“Everyone is reporting it. The media is reporting, people are talking about it so what’s wrong with movie makers making a movie out of it? It’s just a movie. I don’t see anything wrong with it. No name [of an indicted judge] was mentioned in the movie. I directed it and that’s because I like the script. You will love it,” he noted.

Producers of Akan movies are noted for using trending events, personalities and song titles as movie titles. Productions that have hit the market includes Osama Bin Laden, Tonga, Yentie Obiaa, Sir John, Castro Amanehunu, Oh Vera, Ayari Cough, Maricruz, Menam Na Metete, Obinim Schwaznager, among others.

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