The Breman Asikuma District Directorate of Education in the Central Region spent a whopping twenty-five thousand and fifty-two Ghana cedis (GHC 25,052) or 250 million old cedis on fuel in a month, the 2014 Auditor General’s report has revealed.

The report which was read on the ‘Fabewoso’ segment of Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ on Wednesday stated that the fuel was put into four official vehicles used by the Directorate and other vehicles not accounted for in the report.

A review of logbooks from the Directorate, the Auditor General’s report found out, led to the discovery that fuel worth GHc 20,532.50 was also not accounted for in the logbooks.

The breakdown of the vehicles and the amounts spent of them are as follows:

Vehicle Reg.                                           No. Amount GHc

GV 402 Z                                                         4,800.40

GV 1468 Q                                                       3,978.00

GV 1396 Q                                                       1, 473.00

GV 2588 Y                                                       7,892.00

Others                                                            2,389.00

The shocking report read out by Adom FM’s Morning Show Host, Captain Smart who is on a mission to right the wrongs in the Ghanaian public sector also revealed that ‘the Directorate on three occasions deposited a sum of GHc 4,520.00 at two Filling stations for undisclosed quantities of petroleum products’.

In addition, no records were presented to the auditors on the utilization of fuel worth GHC 4,520 which was paid from DFID account.

“We have not sighted any outstanding entries in the vehicles logbooks indicating that the bulk purchases had been used…,” the report said further.

When asked why the Directorate failed to keep proper accounts of fuel spent by the Directorate, the Chief Driver, Seth Botchway attributed it to ‘an oversight’ on his part, a response which the Auditor General says is 'unacceptable.'

Source: adomonline

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