From ACCRA24.COM analyst, President Mahama said "Raising revenue is not a sin,"
"…I’m surprised that as an economist Dr Bawumia, you find something wrong with raising revenue," President Mahama replied Dr Bawumia.

But Mahmoud gives back to President Mahama and his quack socialists have again failed to improve the economy despite the unprecedented high oil revenues, high commodity prices and more than 37 billion dollars borrowed so far to land the country into another HIPC.

According to ACCRA24.COM, Mahmoud wonder how they would account for all these amounts because; the so-called development projects and services don't match the huge amounts received by the NDC administration.

On top of that, Ghanaians are going through unprecedented hardship comparable only to the period of PNDC's Rawlings Chain because of Mahama's incompetence and corruption. Mahmoud

Source: ACCRA24.COM | Mahmoud

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