Popular gospel songbird Linet Munyali, famously known as Size 8
Size 8 Admits Stealing A Neighbour’s Chicken
Popular gospel songbird Linet Munyali, famously known as Size 8, has admitted to have stolen, in collaboration with her elder sister, a neighbour’s chicken which they slaughtered secretly and feasted on. But that is in the past, I am sure the good Lord has forgiven sister Linet.

Speaking to Citizen TV, the expectant singer said they were forced by circumstances to resort to the crime considering the kind of life they led while growing up.
    “As a family, we were so poor that we lacked enough food. So on this particular day, my sister and I stole the neighbour’s chicken. Hunger was too much. My elder sister devised a trap which worked very well. We strategically laid a trail of maize grains which led all the way into our house. The neighbour’s chicken fed on the cereals until it got into the house. We immediately pounced on it, slaughtered, boiled and fed on the chicken. Hiyo siku hatukuwa hata na mafuta ya kukaranga (that day we had no cooking oil),” the singer is quoted.
The singer went on to reveal how she grew up in a poor family that lacked basic needs. She also reveals that she grew up in Maringo, Eastlands and went through a lot of hardships since the family could not afford food, water and electricity.
She later joined State House girls where she was introduced to a whole new life and friends. Among the people she knew and who greatly helped her is Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe.

    “I used to hustle sanitary towels. Actually Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe used to help me with pads back in secondary school,” the singer reveals.

She recounts how she later landed a scholarship at Hillcrest School where she interacted with students from all walks of life who changed her perception about life completely. Size 8 is today one of the most recognized gospel singers in Kenya having ditched secular music where she first built her name.

While she was a secular singer, Size 8 hit the airwaves with her hit song Vidonge which instantly catapulted her to fame. She, however, got saved and resorted to gospel music where her first release, Mateke, truly told the world of her talent and passion for music.

She has since released a song after another, with the latest being Afadhali Yesu which is topping music charts.

Size 8 has since married her celebrity hubby, DJ Mo of Crossover 101 of NTV, and they are expecting their first child this year.

Source: 99.0 FM Hero Radio

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