Ghanaian actor, Prince Yawson aka Waakye
Veteran Ghanaian actor, Prince Yawson, aka Waakye, has revealed he suffers disregard from a large number of the Ghanaian populace.

He said because of the roles he played in movies, people disrespect and belittle him in real life.

Waakye is well known for playing the ridiculously looking, the witty and hilarious gateman in most of the movies he featured in.

He was celebrated for executing his roles professionally and was such an interesting character to look forward to in every scene.

But he told Anita Erskine on the Ghana Veterans segment on the Starr Drive on Thursday, unfortunately, people transferred the societal condescension for household servant unto him.

“Anywhere I go I’m not given respect and I am not even given the opportunity too… nobody considers me as anything.”

He said he believes he suffers this fate more because he is a very “humble” person naturally.

“I remember I was production manager on the set of this movie and when the lead actress came in I went for her bag and helped her settle in. Then she went to the director and asked, ‘what is this man doing here? Is he the one playing the gateman role’? He told her you’ll see.

"Before she knew, I was the one directing the movie”.

Waakye like many veterans bemoaned the attitudes of many in the industry, saying today’s stakeholders are not protecting the worth of the Ghana movie industry.

Source: Starrfm

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