Justice Paul Uuter Dery
Ace investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has revealed that Justice Peter Dery’s Clerk took more bribe the Judge himself.

According to him, the amount used in smoothing the way in order to gain access to Justice Dery far outweighs what the judge himself received as bribe to influence his decision on a particular case.

Speaking on the Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Prince Minkah, Mr. Anas said the cost of renting accommodation at various locations for investigations in order to come up with the final videos of the judicial scandal took a chunk of the resources committed to the project.

“The goats, yams and the small monies received by the judges as shown in some of the videos were only a fraction of the resources we sunk into the project," he said.

He disclosed that he funds most of his projects in Ghana from his meager resources he mobilizes from jobs done from international organizations like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Aljazeera.

“In the case of the infamous judicial scandal, a lot of work went into it before the final video was made,” he indicated.

He explained that uncovering rot in society must not be done by only Tiger Eye PI crew, but journalists in their own corner in the country can contribute in their own small way in exposing underhand dealings in society.

To this end, he hinted of plans to partner the EIB Network in future, to investigate some critical issues worth national attention, stating that the contribution of every journalist in the country is critical in shaping society.

Source: Ultimate1069

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