Former Kiss 100 presenter Caroline Mutoko is at it again. This time round, it is not about fat people anymore but about all manner of corrupt morals school going children have exhibited in recent months.

There have been numerous reports of school going children engaging in sex orgies, drinking alcohol, smoking bhang and cigarettes, abusing drugs and going to night clubs.

Many people, including parents and church leaders have largely blamed the media, especially social media, television and radio for the wayward behaviour of the children. Teachers too have had their fair share of blame for the bad morals the children have adopted.

But, for Caroline Mutoko, media has been blamed for far too long and it is now used as a scapegoat for poor parental and societal responsibilities that should guide the moral fibre of the children.

    “We blamed media, then we blamed teachers, then we blamed media alongside the neighbour’s kids, then we blamed teachers and media as a unit, then we blamed teachers and drugs and the devil and we are about to start blaming the internet, we just haven’t formulated the words yet,” she said in her Star column article on November 2, 2015.

She says parents need to teach their children, from a very tender age, the art of hard work so that they can stand on their own in future and not be tempted to engage in corrupt morals like it appears to be the norm nowadays.

    “As country, we love to point fingers at young people — drinking, spoilt, directionless. I keep wondering when as parents or adults over 35, we will look keenly at ourselves and accept that those children have a lot to do with us. Come on, we have gone full circle. The only people we are yet to blame and focus on is ourselves,” she went on.

From a young age, children should be allowed to, for instance, put on their shoes before they reach seven years. They should also be taught to take their plates to the sink once they are done eating. They should be allowed to make their bed and tidy up after themselves, but most parents simply won’t let them do so. They instead, do everything for the children and expect the young ones to learn anything as they grow.

    “The number of brats I see still having their shoes fastened for them at the age of nine, 10, 12 is shocking. Teaching our children to work starts with the things they do for themselves. We have a youth population of tens of millions of who are being ‘breastfed and diapered’ well into their 30s. Wake up mum! Wake up dad! You are practically babying your children to death! No wonder corruption continues to thrive,” a clearly dismayed Mutoko sums it up.

On October 4, 2015 500 secondary school students were arrested for having sex and taking drugs at a nightclub in Eldoret. Some were found in possession of bhang and used condoms. Still in October 2015, eight high school students were arrested in Kisumu after they were discovered in a house they were hiding and were engaging in sexual activities.

Source: Hero Radio

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