Are you feeling or expressing distress and annoyance resulting from an inability to change or achieve something on your WordPress.org Website?. This is the hour to prevents spam comments on your wordpress website/blog. When you denial a spammer, that means you  have Spam the Spammer. Which we have done it to most of them.

Are you frustrated by using CAPTCHAS or Akismet spam defense in comments? Because Akismet require API key to use it and one need to pay for that but GHANAsky.com offer you a FREE STEP BY STEP Spam  prevention.

GHANAsky.com and ACCRA24.COM provide you a good and simple solution to combat bot spam and human spam without captcha or any plugin.
Comment spam prevention without moderation, captchas or questions.
An exceptionally powerful WordPress anti-spam non-plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam, that is manually done by you through our steps below.

It is high time you Block comment spam without captchas, hidden fields, etc. Removes excess URLs from comment area. Allows change to text before and after comment form.

A) Moderate all comments: Admin Dashboard>Settings>Discussion>Before a comment appears>An administrator must always approve the comment

B) To place all comments with (spam) links into spam comments: Admin Dashboard>Settings>Discussion>Comment Moderation>Hold a comment in the queue if it contains> 1 >or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)

C) Admin Dashboard>Settings>Discussion>Comment Blacklist> Add to this list:
Add more terms as you wish

D) Admin Dashboard>Settings>Discussion>Other comment settings>Automatically close comments on articles older than>14>days
(Leaving comments open for a long time will have the biggest impact on how much spam comments are received)

E) Admin Dashboard>Settings>Discussion>E-mail me whenever>A comment is held for moderation>Comments sent to spam are not emailed.

F) Update the comments form to note that comments are moderated, links not allowed, and language must be about the post/page.

G) Empty the Comment Spam daily (often)>Check all>Delete Permanently.

For other anti-spam plugins visit link:

Best Way to Retaliate Against Spammers—Spam
How To Spam Spammers is to BLOCK them.
Fighting spammers the right way, so that they will die.

Below are few IP - Addresses and E-Mail Addresses of Spammers on  our various website:

1) IP Address Ban By Us:;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;; ;

2) Email Address Ban By Us:
maryjobe44@hotmail.com; maryjobe65@hotmail.com; mayelive@o2.pl; morgananiya@hotmail.com; mredvan@yahoo.co.uk; winstonswilliam@yahoo.com; dotdent72@yahoo.co.uk; bernardmprah11@gmail.com ; pdcobbinah@gmail.com; nanaakowuae@gmail.com; justkwabs@yahoo.com ; attafrimpong98@yahoo.com; aprilaa22@yahoo.com ; josephesibu4@gmail.com ; luciontechnologies@hotmail.com; ejamfi@hotmail.com ; jacobwilson@gmail.com ; isaacadu62@gmail.com

 If any spammer writes and apologizes, we will remove his/her email address; IP-Address etc from public view.

Source: ACCRA24.COM | GHANAsky.com

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