Reverend Stephen Ohene Boabeng (Osofo Botwooo) 
According ACCRA24.COM, having a hostile or deliberately frightening quality or manner in the church was started in the days of JESUS Christ.
 Church against church, Pastor against Pastor and members against members.?
Due to such issues in Germany, GHANAsky.com analyst can confirmed that, the church has  lost its' firm belief in the reliability and among German society. Before, place to worship was free to use but toady one need to pay 1000 to 1500 Euro for a church building.

Reverend Stephen Ohene Boabeng (Osofo Botwooo) was called and ordained to the pastoral ministry in the Apostle's Continuation Church International - Accra Ghana, where he served in madina and odorkor Assemblies respectively from the year 2002 to 2007. He had his Diploma in Theology at Elyon Bible College Ghana, where he was duly and solemnly ordained as Reverend Minister and set apart by our Lord Jesus Christ for the ministry of the gospel of Christ. Reverend Stephen Ohene Boabeng was directed by God to send the gospel across europe where he lives now. When he got to europe in the year 2007, he started spreading the gospel on the most popular radio stations in italy by name Radio Shepherd and Rabbi Radio and because of the Power of God and the great testimonies that was being manifested, the people gave him the name ‘Botwooo’ in the Ghanaian dialect which means ‘Abundance’.. The Lord is using him so powerfully that even now most people don’t even know his real name but ‘Botwooo’ and they call him that because that is the best word in the ghanaian dialect that can be used to describe the power of God and the testimonies that are being manifested. The Lord God directed him to start a ministry in hamburg by name ‘The Hour of Manifestations Ministries’. And on 6th april 2014, the ministry begun with one person and now it is one of the fastest growing church in hamburg to the glory of God where he is the general overseer.

when he started the church by name The Hour of Manifestations Ministries, His father, Apostle Samuel Adjei who is now the greater accra apostle and IMD in the Apostle's continuation church international called him to give the church to ACCI since its his mother church. so as an obedient son to the father, he consulted the church members and the leaders and they all agreed to change the name of the church from The Hour of Manifestations Ministries to The apostles continuation church international. but immediately he gave the church to them, the two branches of the continuation churches in hamburg stood against him and took him to court to revert the decision.

 The threats became so severe to the extent that they sent people to warn them to stop using the name Continuation while having a church service repeatedly for no reason. the insult and the disturbances from them were too much. So all the church members and the leaders had a meeting with their father Reverend Stephen Ohene Boabeng (Osofo Botwooo) and pleaded pleaded with him that they should go back to their formal name to make peace and he agreed. So on 16th of August 2015, he made a public announcement that we wanted to give the church to Continuation based on the calls i received from my spiritual but the two branch churches in hamburg here disagree because maybe they fear they will loose their members to us, they have taken us to court and has been threatening us to change the name and we don’t want any conflict so  from this day 16.08.2015, the church is no more The Apostles Continuation Church international but The Hour of Manifestations Ministries. We have gone back to our registered name which is The Hour of Manifestations Ministries. When he finished making the announcement, there was a great applause from the whole congregation. and since then, the church has been growing bigger and bigger.

Source: ACCRA24.COM | GHANAsky.com

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