According to GHANAsky.com, there are many people who thought they know and  so they can teach others. Actually, when you see and others can not see, what will you do? .
From GHANAsky.com analyst,  the first thing that comes into your mind, when you see and others can not see, is that - you will try to direct them to the right way. That is exactly about this teacher you are about to hear.  Get ready to make spontaneous sounds like "ha-ha" and movements of the face or cry.
Always, bad Teachers teach what they know.


Funny - Bad Ghanaian Teacher - kojo Nkansah
Funny - Bad Ghanaian Teacher - kojo Nkansah OFMTV.COM | GHANASKY.COM | ACCRA24.COM
Posted by GhanaDom on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Causes of  Bad Teachers:

1. Lack of Accommodation for Teachers 
A roundtable discussion organised by informGhana in the Yilo Krobo district identified that  the lack of accommodation for teachers within the community in which they were working was a major cause of teacher absenteeism

2. Inadequate Number of Teachers
The roundtable discussion by informGhana also revealed that the inadequate number of teachers (as low as 2 for a six-class primary school in one primary school) meant that some classes were always going to have a teacher absent during periods of monitoring.

3. Bad Roads Leading to Some Communities
The  roundtable discussion organised by informGhana identified that bad roads from the rural communities to the towns, coupled with the dearth of vehicles and good housing for teachers, made it difficult for teachers to move from their residence to the schools.

4. Poor Teacher-Community Relationships
Also discovered during the roundtable discussion was the poor relationship that existed between the teachers and members of the communities in which they taught.

5. Lack of Electricity in Rural Areas
The lack of regular electricity in rural communities or the total lack of access to electricity was identified as one of the causes of teacher absenteeism.

Source: GHANAsky.com | ACCRA24.COM

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