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Like men, women are also susceptible to cheating. Most usually than not, one would assume men the only responsible or guilty parties when it comes to cheating. Some even go to the extent of assuming that men have always had it in their genes when it comes to cheating as against women who hardly ever do it, holding their moral values uptight and high in esteem. In today’s world, women have been privileged to gain equal rights with men thus sharing their views on issues and calling the shots in relationships. The need for wanting other things aside what one already has in a relationship becomes very easy leading to increasing cases of women cheating.

The tendency of a woman being in a relationship and chances of that relationship not leading her far (speaking of serious commitments coming from the other partner), a greater space for cheating indirectly is created. Cheating is such that, we all have had to go through it at some point in our lives or have had to be the ones who meted it out to our partners. However, we get to learn that certain conditions place us in the position of cheating or being cheated upon. Usually, we normally would never want to listen to reasons as to why people decide to cheat, but once you’re here we believe you want to know. So here are the six reasons why women cheat

Why Women Cheat – Lack of attention (emotional & physical):

Unlike men, women are such that they require and demand certain essentials and must- haves in relationships. To them, getting all the attention they can get from their lover in terms of spending quality time together, having night outs and you making them feel special, as though they mean the world to you literally (of which they do) is surety enough that their presence is being appreciated and needed very much by the other partner. Having the time to take days off from work and spending quality time with your woman, does help a great deal in preventing her from cheating. Now when they get to that point in a relationship where none of this is happening for women, they tend to start thinking of possible ways and means in seeking or attracting that attention they much desire.
why women cheat

Find out why women cheat on their partners

There’s usually this lower inner feeling that pauses to ask if ones partner really wants them in their lives or just using them as a passing fling. When the very basic necessity of a woman is denied in a relationship, she turns sour and in taking it out on you the guy, turn to cheating. Emotions are not something to toil with when it comes to women and even more physically denying a woman attention worsens the whole scenario. With this kind of attitude being shown by a partner, a woman is very likely to channel her attention elsewhere as well as going somewhere that she feels more appreciated, welcomed and much attention showered upon her by another man. With that other person, she may feel total love and dedication being given to her.

Why Women Cheat – Low self-esteem

Feeling somehow insecure about one’s self, could lead a lady into cheating in a relationship. Quite sad….but so very true. When one hardly feels good about themselves in a relationship and quite often get the urge to want to ascertain from other outlets of whether they are really good enough or not, they fall into the act of cheating unknowingly. Women being as they are, are naturally conscious of themselves in any relationship they engage in to a greater extent that no matter the amount of love shown them by men, if they feel insecure about themselves they’re likely to step out of the relationship in a bid to seek a third party view. Insecurities ranging from emotional, physical, sexual or even intellectual forms could lead a woman into cheating in a relationship.

Why women cheat – Lack of good sex in a relationship

We all know how it goes right? How women so desire to reach the highest point of sexual excitement when they get to bond with their partners. The desire to feel and experience real orgasm is the dream of every woman when it comes to the sexual aspect of a relationship. Though many a times women tend to fake orgasms, deep within them they may wish and long for someone else who could fit into that space and help them attain that highest peak of satisfaction. When a woman finds herself involved in a relationship that’s not quite promising sexually, she feels the need to want to step out and go finding what she desires. To be able to keep her glued to you as HER MAN, she requires the most exciting and fun- filled sex anyone could ever give her. That is what gives her the biggest and greatest satisfaction. Come on! Don’t deny her of tha, what would you expect her to do then? Cheat on you of course. No two ways about that one guys.

Why Women Cheat – Need to attain good/ strong financial standing

Most often in the society we find ourselves in now, women want to do stuff for themselves and own stuff they gladly will call theirs. If in any event a woman is dependent on her partner be it a husband or boyfriend, hardly will she ever get the guts to voice out her views or opinion when an argument breaks out or even feel the need to leave the relationship as well as it going sour. This could result from the fact that she may feel unsafe or threatened financially.  This is due to the fact that she has become so dependent on her partner financially and in any other ways possible, so choosing to walk out or quitting really would not do her any good. In order to avoid all that, she decides to remain in the relationship and just somehow tags along with her partner, even though chances are she might be unhappy or unfulfilled at that particular moment. But in the case where a woman gets to earn that total liberation and freedom financially, she begins to imagine stuff she could do and attain with such power. This could lead to her want of other things aside what she already has in her relationship leading to cheating. The need to want to stay in an unhappy relationship does not become an issue anymore and the other partner might suffer for it.

Why Women Cheat – The feeling of being unappreciated

Women always love to be appreciated in their relationships even if it’s to the barest minimum, at least they’re deeds have been appreciated. They find themselves doing stuff to please or make their partners happy in the right way. They usually love to buy their guys stuff willingly, cook them home made meals, dress up, looking all hot & sexy just so their work and effort could be appreciated by their partners. But when all this is being done and nothing of the sort in a form of appreciation is given, they begin to feel somehow lost and rejected to say the least. Little words of appreciation like the ‘thank you’s’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I love you’, ‘please’ etc, is what they love to hear most. You really don’t have to do much to show a woman you appreciate her in a relationship. If you fail to show to notice all the good things she does in the relationship, it wouldn’t be air at all. You end up driving her outside the relationship with the slightest act of appreciation shown her by another. Women feel taken for granted when they get to realize their partners do not really appreciate their presence or efforts in a relationship. Cheating is the end result of such scenarios.

In spite of the above six reasons why women cheat, I do believe that reasons may differ from person to person no matter how you decide to look at it. Cheating is not based on a one way route where everyone follows or a regular pattern with which one would say they practice this act and based on that fact makes it look ok or somehow acceptable to behave this way in a relationship. No one deserves to be cheated on or toiled with in a relationship no matter what they do to you. It’s absolutely inexcusable to cheat in a relationship, and though most people may not agree with me when I say that because they feel it’s ok to once your partner does not get to find out about it. But would they forever remain in the dark, and not get to find out you‘re cheating on them? If they don’t even get to find out, how comfortable would you feel doing that to them and for how long are you prepared to play this kind of dangerous game?

No one should place themselves in the position of having to run around hiding facts and truths from their partner. Relationships are all about trust and genuineness, what will that make you if you decide to go contrary to these valuable principles that guards and guides a relationship? If you feel mostly unhappy in a relationship, there’s no need to cheat on your partner when he has not even the slightest idea of your dissatisfaction in the relationship. If you can’t handle it, walking out wouldn’t seem a bad idea now would it? It saves you the whole headache of having to run around playing hide and seek with your man. As a woman in every sense of the word, you need to keep that all important virtue and innate quality of being morally upright and decent. If the men feel like cheating, well let them go ahead. We won’t reduce ourselves to nothing just so we prove that we also can play the game. Its needless lady’s! Cheating is not our thing and we should never try to inculcate that into our relationships. As I always say, there’s nothing as sexy as having a faithful woman in a relationship!

Source: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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