Pupils of Binchap D/A primary school in the Nkwata South District have for years been learning in dilapidated structures serving as classrooms. Joy news' Joseph Opoku Gakpo was in the school for our documentary on rural poverty, Jungle Poor.
According to GHANAsky.com, Even kids in this school have to occupied themselves with playing of football because teachers are not around and latter they have to be in their teachers house to do other services.

From GHANAsky.com analyst, Teachers in Binchap D/A primary school are not paid by government, so they decide when to attend to students.

Education environment in Binchap at  the Nkwata South District has very poor system, some students have to site on clay blocks/ stones to learn, others bring small kitchen chairs or plastic chairs from their homes. Even no black boards for writing, no desk etc.

Teachers here are being paid by the village community and not government.
This is education system in Ghana, in 21 century.

Poor & shocking Education System in Ghana
Poor & shocking Education System in Ghana - OFMTV.COMMore on http://GHANAsky.com & http://GHANAdom.com | http://ACCRA24.COM
Posted by GhanaDom on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Source: GHANAsky.com | ACCRA24.COM

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