Ghanaian politicians aspire to political office mainly to “steal money” from the treasury of the state, for their personal use; that is the contention of former flagbearer-aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Prof Agyeman Badu Akosa.

The pathologist said on Thursday that politicians have been “stealing” from Ghana’s treasury “big time.”

Apart from their top aspiration to “steal” from the State’s coffers, Prof Akosa said the thirst for influence in society is their other motivator for jumping into politics.

He said unlike exists in Western democracies where people go into politics to leave a legacy, self-aggrandisement and self-enrichment are the main aims of Ghanaian politicians.

The former Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) said, as we speak, politicians are stacking up money, which they will use to pervert the forthcoming December general elections in 2016.

Describing Ghana’s multi-party democracy as “monetics” rather than politics, Prof Akosa said the influence of money has seeped deeply into every level of the country’s politics to the extent that aspirants to any office use every foul means to get an edge over their contenders.

In his view, multi-party democracy has only inured to the benefit of politicians and not ordinary Ghanaians, whose standard of living has not improved in any way, even after 23 years of the Fourth Republic.

He told Kasapa FM’s morning show host Fiifi Banson in a studio interview that Ghana’s asset declaration processes are also opaque; thus, do not effectively help in fighting corruption.

Source: Class FM

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