According to GHANAsky.com , Ofori Amponsah has denied rumors making rounds in the media that he said he is not a pastor.
Ofori Amponsah’s manager Frank Agyekum has revealed in an interview with Peacefmonline that Ofori Amponsah statement has been taken out of contest.
GHANAsky.com can confirmed from yesterday news by some of the FM stations in Greater Accra region, which mistranslated or misrepresented the view of Ofori Amponsah.

Take your time to watch the video and you will see, he was misquoted by those FM stations. They just took portion of the video and air it for their listeners. That is totally unaccepted by the law, as it was revealed by GHANAsky.com.

Frank explained that Ofori said he is only a Pastor when in church or preaching the word of God anywhere, but he is not a Pastor if he is on stage or performing inside a night club.
“Ofori said he is a pastor when he is in church, evangelizing or preaching the word of God anywhere, but he is a musician when is on stage or performing anywhere”, Frank stated.
And from the view of GHANAsky.com our analyst, it looks like saying
“I am a teacher, when you are teaching in the school but when you get home, your kids will called you Father or Papa or mummy”. Because no child or kid will address his or her parent name by using their profession or paid occupation title.

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Source: GHANAsky.com

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