Ofori Amponsah - Hyɛ me anyimunyam, Nyankopɔn

Ofori Amponsah called upon the name of God again, according to GHANAsky.com.
Ofori said "God Appoints Kings, He removeth kings, and setteth up kings and if He did it for David and He will do it for him ". Daniel 2:21

He asked God to position him as a king because it takes God to make servant , the master or king.  Ofori asked God to glorify Himself in his life. - "Hyɛ me anyimunyam"
Many are saying Kwame has fallen and he can not wake up or arise.

From GHANAsky.com analyst, Ofori Amponsah asked God to glorify him, so that all his enemies (person who is actively opposed or hostile ) will be ashamed.
Because many are saying, the sickness will kill Ofori Amponsah and he will definitely die, so God glorify yourself in my life.

You are God, the God of Abraham, glorify yourself, so that my enemies will be put to apologetic.
You are God of fire, glorify yourself, so that my enemies will be put to regretfulness.
Ofori Amponsah move on to shout; Emmanuel!!! God is with him, so he is not afraid  or frightened of any thing, even whatever the enemy will do,  He has no feelings of aversion or unwillingness in regard to something.


Ofori Amponsah - Hyɛ me anyimunyam
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Source: GHANAsky.com

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