Okuneneye Idris Olanrewaju
This young man says he would have liked to be born a lady so he decided to help himself transform.

It seems Okuneneye Idris Olanrewaju is not happy with God for creating him a man. A disappointed Okuneye informed the entire world through his Facebook page that he wished he were a lady so that he might get the ‘cutest and richest man on earth with a dependable d*ck’.

Olarenwaju, who is well known on Facebook for his feminine and Barbie doll looks, thanked God for what he had done for him so far but regretted that he was born a man and not a woman.

He wrote on Facebook: “I thank God for everything he has been doing in my life; can’t just stop thanking him, he is too lively. I drive the best car so far, live in one of the best estates in Lagos, traveling to the country of my choice but (I) am lacking one thing: really wish I (were) a girl. I would have married the cutest man and richest man on earth with reliable dick. Good evening love you all.”

Okuneye is not the first Nigerian man to regret being born a man. Stephanie Rose, a Nigerian transgender woman who lives in the Netherlands, was born a man named Dapo Adaralegbe. Rose is known for her hate speeches directed at God.

Source: Naij

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