Since ever the new music from Ofori Amponsah ft Sarkodie hit Ghanaian music market, Otoolege hitmaker, has never had his peace about the new track "Alewa" paradigm shift.

GHANAsky.com and GHANAdom.com encourage everybody to listen to this music and give their own view.  It is high time Ghanaians will help the "Otoolege hitmaker" and stop all those "Hullabaloo". First question one need to ask is; what is actually wrong with this music music? ... is there any thinng ungodly or irreligious or immoral? ... what was the purpose of this music etc???
 There is one reason about all these "Hullabaloo" Nothing To Say . Most of the musician are in danger because the Otoolege man is coming back with a decontaminated persoality and new style which...???

The multiple award-winning highlife artiste who quit music to become a full-time Pastor and Evangelist at the Holy Grounds Sanctuary, recently announced his return with a Highlife song ‘Alewa’ featuring the most rapper Sarkodie.

According to GhanaSky.com, this decision of “Otoolege” Hitmaker Ofori Amponsah has created a new paradigm shift among Gospel singers and normal secular singers.

Listen below Ofori Amponsah ft Sarkodie in Alewa:

If you can not see video CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Source: GHANAsky.com & GHANAdom.com

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