Here is Ghana in the contemporary world, in the 21st century. With over $3 Billion revenue from oil in the last 3 years, close to $70 Billion in loans, and extra Billions from traditional exports and domestic taxes and income, how did we manage to get to such levels of penury and disarticulation.

The present condition is completely unacceptable. And, it's important for us to recognize this rather than look for some hopeful signs to latch on to. The situation is hopeless. We need to reconfigure. It calls for a redemptive initiative. A paradigm shift, even. Our people currently are struggling under the most pernicious form of exploitation. The state has become an excrescence, an abnormal outgrowth, in the hands of an exploitative political class that utilises it for self actualization. It's our duty now to save the state by deconstructing it, and then rebuilding it, on radical, even revolutionary, foundations. Only then can we have a state in which the development of each is the condition for the development of all. Unite, unite, my people - you have nothing to lose # ridiculous

Source: Abrantepa Kdd

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