Germany to mark reunification day; East and West became one 25 years ago.

On October 3rd 2015, people will come together for the 25th anniversary of a reunited Germany.
To celebrate this important cultural moment we invited Anton Hallmann to be our guest Doodler. Anton is also part of #Deutschland25, a portrait of Germany’s next generation, born around and after 1989.

He shared his thoughts about the German reunification and how this year’s Doodle originated:

“This year’s German reunification celebrates the 25th anniversary and well, my life would have definitely been a lot different, if that day had not happened. I was born and raised in the east of Germany (Brandenburg) and without the reunification I would have missed the opportunity to get to know lots of wonderful people.

I was too young to be directly influenced by any of the years before the reunification - I never even had the feeling or idea of a split Germany in mind. But I noticed the steady positive changes and the progress throughout the years after reunification. That’s how the idea of portraying people who built up Germany together was born.

The first rough collage-sketch shows the helping and welcoming side of Germany, but the letters seemed too forced and the focus was too much on the landscape, rather than on the progress in science, traffic etc.

I shifted a few items and tried to focus more on economy, science, traffic, sustainable development, as well as the rich diversity within our united country. I also made use of a rounded and fitting typography for a more natural form.

In the next take I re-integrated the ever so important and present welcoming spirit which is tied closely to the unification period and of course particularly strong these days. However, due to a lot of different colours and some elements of clutter everything seemed a bit too busy and distracting So I decided to reduce the colour scheme to a unified greener tone, restructured and shifted a couple of other items until the final version emerged.“

2015 German Holidays and Observances:

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