Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a Ghanaian undercover investigative journalist.

Due to his work, he is always anonymous and my anonymity is in fact an important tool in my investigations. My undercover investigations focus primarily on issues of human rights abuse (especially child abuses) and corruption. I have carried out undercover investigations in many countries and in different continents. My primary focus remains in Sub Saharan Africa. My human right investigations deals with creating a better life and providing equal opportunities for children and adults being abused to grow whilst my corruption investigations focus on Government employees and executives who instead of working for the people rather loot the national kitty and thus deprive citizens of essential amenities that would create a better standard of living for them.

My aim in doing undercover journalism is to name, shame and jail.

In our part of the world, sometimes simply gathering information is not enough, you need to back it up with hard core evidence and this is what I do. I remain eternally grateful to my fans all over the world for the many words of encouragement that I receive every day. Your encouragement and acknowledgement of my work makes it easier for me to wake up every day and continue with this crusade.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a Ghanaian investigative journalist born in the late 1970s.  Anas is famous for utilizing his anonymity as a tool in his investigation arsenal (very few people have seen his face).  A multimedia journalist who specializes in print media and documentary, Anas focuses on issues of human rights and anti-corruption in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

Anas has won critical acclaim for his work advocating for the right to not be held in human slavery or servitude and to have a standard of living in the event of an illness.
His investigative works have won him worldwide acclaim with President Barack Obama highlighting his virtues in a speech during his 2009 visit to Ghana: "An independent press. A vibrant private sector. A civil society. Those are the things that give life to democracy. We see that spirit in courageous journalists like Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who risked his life to report the truth." Anas has won over fourteen international awards for his investigative work. He was polled as the 5th most influential Ghanaian in 2011 by ETV. and named one of the "Most Influential Africans of the Year "by the New African Magazine.
In December 2014. "Chameleon" a documentary about Anas' life and work by Ryan Mullins was premiered at the 2014 IDFA festival in Amsterdam.

Anas' Early life
Anas grew up in a military barracks in Ghana. He attended the University of Ghana. After university he turned down an opportunity to work as a reporter for the Ghanaian Times newspaper, instead choosing to join the Crusading Guide newspaper in 1998. The editor of the newspaper, Kweku Baako Jnr had just been released from jail in the same year.

Notable investigative works:

January 2010

Inside Ghana’s Madhouse Undercover in Ghana’s biggest psychiatric hospital Anas exposed patient’s human rights abuses.

April 2010

In The Interest Of The State Exposed cocoa smugglers and their cohorts in Ghana’s security system

September 2010

Orphans Home Of Hell – Osu Undercover in Ghana’s biggest state run orphanage. Exposed corruption and abuse of children in the facility

February 2011

Enemies Of The Nation Undercover to expose fraud and corruption at one of Ghana’s key points of entry, the Tema harbor.

December 2011

Al Jazeera Africa Investigates (Four films) a. Sierra Leone – Timber  b. Ghana’s Gold c. Fools’ Gold d. Spell of the Albino -Tanzania

January 2012

The Prez’s Assignment - Stealing the People’s Power A three-phase investigation into the power distribution sector in Ghana. Exposed acts of corruption on the part of employees of power distribution company ECG (electricity company of Ghana) and indebtedness on the part of individuals and companies

June 2012

Dons Of The Forest A follow up to ‘In The Interest of The State’ operation to busted a ring of people who diverted and sold fertilizers meant for the cocoa farmer.

July 2012

Deadly Gold An investigation into the negative effects of illegal gold mining in Ghana.

September 2012

Wild Ghana Project A look at how gullible and vulnerable customers can be exploited, featuring being the ‘Abortion Lord’ who had sex with his female clients when they came to him for abortions.

January 2013

Al Jazeera -People and Power How To Rob Africa This was a film on how African businesses fleece their governments and stash these stolen funds in off-shore accounts. With journalist Stanley Kwenda.

Spirit Child Filmed in Northern Ghana, where Anas exposed the barbaric sacrifices of children who were believed to bring ill luck to their families. The story led to the arrest of some fetish priests, with Anas advocating for the prosecution of such persons.

May 2013

The Messiah of Mentukwa The story of how one woman Helen Jesus Christ, set up a church in a remote village in Ghana’s hinterland and convinced members that Jesus Christ was coming soon and they could only be saved if they cut themselves off the rest of the world. With that came physical abuse and children being denied access to school.

April 2014

Ghana Sex Mafia Film built on the Chinese Sex Mafia story of February 2009. Tells the story of how Chinese girls were trafficked into Ghana and how Anas went undercover to bust the ring and testified in court leading to the prosecution of the traffickers

Ghana's Soul Takers This was a three part investigative documentary that was centered on road safety. The first part looked at driver licensing and the corruption and fraud it is fraught with.

The second installment entitled 'Doom - the silent killer next door, tells three social interest stories of how families lost loved ones to the carnage on our roads. it also highlighted some of the dangers associated with commercial transport.

The third part examines police corruption and the tacit contribution of Ghana's traffic police (the Motor Traffic and Transport Department, MTTD) of the Police Service.

December 2014
AL Jazeera Africa Investigates _ Season 2 Nigeria’s Fake Doctors Anas teamed up with colleague Rosemary Nwaebuni to blow the lid off the activities of quack doctors who are risking the lives of vulnerable people in Africa's most populous nation. The film led to the arrest of two such bogus medics who were using pharmacy shops and even beer parlours as operating theaters for persons who were in desperate need of medical attention. It presents persons who have no medical qualification or knowledge whatsoever placing women in need of abortion under the knife with the resultant fatal injuries.

Ghana’s Food For Thought Focuses on the problem of stealing and corruption in the process of getting donated food to the starving to whom it is destined. Anas went undercover to expose the activities of the Ghana Health Service officers who ran a corrupt business by commercially selling specialized foods donated by the World Food Program (WFP) and destined free-of-charge to malnourished children in the north. It resulted in the dramatic arrest of three persons. All the suspects captured in the act of committing this crime are currently in police custody.

In 2008, Anas was awarded the Heroes Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery Award by the US Department of State for his contribution to the elimination of human trafficking. and also in the same year the Every Human Has Rights Award from France.

In 2009 he was awarded a certificate and cash for excellent work along with five other distinguished journalists from Africa during the CNN/Multichoice African Journalist awards. and the Grand Norbert Zongo Prize in Investigative journalism as well as the Segbo Excellence in Investigative Journalism

In 2010 he was awarded the 2nd Prize of FAIR Investigative Journalism Awards by the Forum for African Investigative Reporters and The Ghanaian Journalist Association awarded him the best in anti-corruption reporting. The Association awarded him Best Investigative Reporter in 2008 and 2006 and honored him as Journalist of the Year in 2006. Also in 2010 he was awarded the Global Health Council Award.

In 2011 he was awarded the Lorenzo Natali Prize (2nd Prize for Africa) by the European Commission Directorate- General for Development and the KCK Award for excellence in Print Journalism from India,

In 2013 he was awarded the Africa Achievers Award, Kenya.

In 2014 he was awarded the "Engaged Journalism Award ’" by the May Chidiac Foundation. Lebanon.

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