The Chief Executive Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, (AMA) Dr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuye has made a shocking revelation that Old Fadama a.k.a Sodom and Gomorrah (Ghana’s biggest slum) haboured a thriving Human Parts sale business.

According to him, there was every justification for the eviction of the squatters at Old Fadama, maintaining that aside they polluting the Korle Lagoon, the increased criminal activities by some of the residents had to be stopped.

Hundreds of structures at Old Fadama, were demolished on Saturday June 20 by a task force of the AMA, rendering scores of people homeless.

They were evicted from the area because they filled the lagoon with saw dust to enable them build on the water way, a development that caused huge flooding whenever there were heavy rains.

The AMA Chief Execuitive Okoe Vnaderpuye came under heavy flack from a section of the public and some of the ruling party’s bigwigs for evicting the squatters; since that party members believed his action might cause the party an estimated 20,000 votes in the upcoming 2016 election which promises to be keenly contested.

However speaking on Metro TV’s current affairs show, Good Evening Ghana, Oko Vanderpuye insisted that he did the right and never regrets his action.

    “My brother I if I should tell you the sort of things that were going on there you wouldn’t believe, it was so terrible. Do you know that they were selling human parts there? We actually found and picked several human parts when the demolition was done.

    “There people who were living in Sodom and Gomorrah when they died, where were they being buried? I’m telling you they were buried right there, yes… yes……yes….,which hospital was taking care of them? They could not come into the public system, so they did all their things there. My brother thank God Sodom and Gomorrah is gone, because the kind of evil things that were going on there would have soon overwhelmed us if action was not taken”.

By: Kasapafm

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