According to ACCRA24.COM, with the help of GHANAsky.com - Obaapa Christy has anatomized the depth of her new album "Hyebre Sesafo". This make her unstoppable.

After she has undergone a metamorphosis to Obaapa Christy, her music has taken a new style and wave that can not be compared.

It is an album you must buy,  because you will see the real iconic in her domain or arena of singing.

Obaapa Christy takes you to another magical holistic music, that will automatically make you
whoop with laughter in the holy ghost. And this song is entitled

"Downfall Of a Man".

This very song is set out for the layman, who has been through many experience such as hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, sin and suffering that he can rise again.

You don't need to feel the anointing with every gospel song you hear, although you must.
Actually, Anointing is not for feeling but experiencing the Holy Spirit.
Some are meant for admonishing  human beings, such as sending a word across.

According ACCRA24.COM;

Obaapa Christy said of her social page
 "As long as God keeps waking me up,he's not done with me yet. (Downfall of a man ) is not the end of his life in this world.check my new and exclusive video out. Still Hyebre sesa fo"

Within a year, Obaapa Christy won the three Ghanaian MUSIC AWARDS:

"Best Album of the year"
"Gospel Song of the year" And
"Praises song of the year".


Obaapa Christy - Downfall of a man [HD]
Obaapa Christy - Downfall of a man [HD Qaulity ]
Posted by GhanaSky on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Source: ACCRA24.COM

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