Shatta Wale in a recent interview with Dr Cann shared a story about his last days as Bandana.

The Coming Over singer told Happy 98.9 FM;

“In my Bandana days, I felt I did one or two mistakes which include, me not understanding the work I was doing.

Those times I was young and if someone didn’t want to pay me to play a show, I went hard on the person. But at some point I realized that was not a good path.

So I told myself some time ago that I wanted God to speak to me. I told God he should give me another chance to prove to people that I was brought on earth for a purpose.

And these are one of the purposes and after I spoke to God, my engineering side started becoming stronger and that was when I started paying lots of beats. And lo and behold Dancehall King was made.

All I want people to know is that I’m very close to God. Being Godly is not about wearing white and having a nice haircut.

God doesn’t look at that. If you go deep into the Bible and study the prophets, Moses, David and the rest, they were warriors and kings.

God created them to come and teach people his word and I’m that type of person who also listens to God a lot.”

Source: yfmghana

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