Born again musician and beat produce, Morris Babyface has cautioned Ofori Amponsah to be careful of his decision of going back to highlife years after turning a pastor.
He said the devil comes in many ways to steal people from Christ so the multiple-award winning highlife-artiste-turned-pastor should not allow worldly things to trick him. He also remembered him that the devil is not just stealing him if he makes a u-turn to highlife music but also his followers who are weak in spirit.


Speaking on Radio Univers in Accra, Morris said

“if you are worshiping God, do it well. The devil has various ways of stealing people and the most dangerous among them is it doesn’t steal only you but other people through you. It does that through your word of mouth. The weak in mind will even use you as an excuse to sin. They will say even this pastor is doing this how much more me”

“By the time you realize, many people would have sinned because of you. You cannot even stand before judgment day to give only your accounts how much more many people going to hell because of you. Honestly speaking, it is horror.”
The artiste known for “Valentine Day” hit song asked what a man will do if God forsakes him since he runs to God when the devil is after him. Morris Babyface further advised Ofori Amponsah who disclosed not long ago that he is preparing to release highlife songs to think twice about his decision.

“He should sit down and reevaluate his decision before he does anything because we all have one life and you don’t know when you will die. If God saves you and you do not respect the salvation, he has nothing to lose.”
He finally said

“if he has decided to follow God, he should do that with his whole heart and do it well but he shouldn’t allow the devil to deceive him. He should not allow any worldly thing deceive him. He should see this as a temptation that he needs to overcome “.

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