A psychiatric report on Charles Antwi, the man who stormed the President’s church with a gun, has confirmed that he is indeed mad.

Professor Joseph Bediako Asare of Peace Be Consultancy and Clinic confirmed this in a report to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) after examining him.

A copy of the letter cited by Adomonline.com states that the person who was referred to the clinic by the BNI to be examined "does not know that what he was doing was wrong due to his altered mental state".

“This makes him dangerous and should be treated by a Psychiatrist in a secure environment and under supervision,” the report addressed to the BNI Director concluded.

Charles Antwi was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for storming the President’s church with a gun and threatening to assassinate President John Dramani Mahama whom he accused of occupying a seat he deserved.

Since his incarceration, his family members have claimed that he is mentally unstable hence called on the state to temper justice with mercy.

The family seems to have been vindicated following the report received by the BNI on 10th August, 2015 confirming his mental state.

The report said further that although Charles knew of his background and environment, he still harbored the idea that he should be the President of Ghana.

“Charles was brought to me referred by the IN-CHARGE of the BNI clinic at the request of the Director of BNI. I saw him on the 3rd of August 2015 at Peace Be Clinic in the company of Mr. David Fianko Sakyi, and two Security Officers. I also had the opportunity of interviewing one of his brothers, Joseph Adjei who accommodated him at Pokuasi for a few weeks prior to the accident.

“He was neatly dressed and he was able to give an account of himself and events leading to his arrest. He informed that he should be the President of Ghana and not the current President and that since 2005; he felt that Ghana should abandon democratic form of Government through voting as that had not helped the country. He harbored the idea that he should be the President of Ghana and had worked towards that, culminating in his arrest,” the report read.

Charles Antwi, the report continued, ‘denied any auditory and visual hallucinations.’

It is not clear whether that confirmation of his true mental state informed the Attorney General to go to court to seek the reversal of the Justice Francis Obiri verdict.

An Accra High Court adjourned the case challenging the verdict.

See photos for screenshots of the full report:

Source: adomonline

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