You may have noticed that there’s a growing trend towards body acceptance and positivity and embracing all different types of looks. However, most of the time this involves things like fuller figures, copious tattoos, or strange piercings, rather than physical mutations. But now, people who have interesting genetic mutations are sharing their stories in hopes of raising awareness about the “new normal” when it comes to bodies. Some of these mutations affect other animals as well. After you see these 20 mutations, your idea of normal will be flipped upside down.

1. Double Muscle Mutation:
There have a been a few wild news stories about toddlers with super human strength, and this genetic mutation explains why. When a child doesn’t produce enough of a protein called myostatin, or else they don’t react to it, they will become outrageously strong.

2. Polycephaly:
Polycephaly is a congenital condition which results in an animal having two or more heads. This is the result of multiple embryos fusing, and it is the same phenomenon that results in conjoined twins.

3.  Hypertrichosis:
Only about 50 people in the world live with hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth and hair covering the whole body.

4. Congenital Methemoglobinemia:
While the term is insensitive to those who suffer from this condition, they’re often referred to as Smurfs. People with too much methemoglobinemia in their blood will cause it to be a brown color, and their skin to look blue.

5. Proteus Syndrome:
Proteus Syndrome is now thought to be the condition of which the famous “Elephant Man” suffered. Bones, skin, and other tissues overgrow in those who have this, so many of their features are out of proportion to the rest of them. It only occurs in less than one in one million people.

6. Supernumerary Teeth:
Also known as “Vampire Teeth,” supernumerary teeth occur when a person grows more than the regular amount of teeth we’re destined to have. If a person with this condition chooses to, they may have a dentist extract the extra teeth.

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