The Health Minister, Alexander Segbefia is appealing to striking doctors to rescind their decision and return to work while negotiations continue.

“We are appealing to the doctors to rescind their decision and go back while negotiations continue. Whatever government may or may not have done has not cost any life but your [doctors] actions have cost several lives," the Minister said.

Speaking on Atinka AM Drive hosted by Kwame Adinkrah on the strike by members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), the Health Minister explained, “in a civilized country, strike action of such nature should not go beyond 24-hours”.

According to the Minister, it is not the intention of government to drag issues; adding that negotiations of such nature have a lasting impact on the health delivery of this nation.

Mr. Segbefia, who could not state when government will meet doctors again to continue negotiations, explained that the doctors put forward a proposal and government also put forward a counter-proposal, "and we are yet to meet them again; that is where we are now”.

Asked whether government would resort to a court action to compel the doctors to resume work, the Health Minister said “the court procedure will take time so we want to negotiate and get them back,” adding, “we don’t want it to be confrontational because we need them even after this strike”.

On details of proposals put forward by both parties, Mr. Segbefia said, “I can’t discuss the negotiations on air; adding that, what is being discussed is not for public consumption.

Source: atinkafm

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