Reliable Information available to SeanCitygh indicates that , Victoria Owusu Adomako the ex-better half of ace actor cum comedian Alexander Kofi Adu last Saturday tied another knot with Nana Kwaku Akyia who is Akuapim Mampong Akyiapemhene.

Victoria Owusu Adomako was accused by his long time husband Agya Koo, in 2012 that she had stolen his car and some stuff which caused for her arrest.

Victoria came out to deny such allegation and said, "If Agya Koo doesn’t love me anymore because he is now rich and famous, the best thing for him is to divorce but not to accuse me of theft".

According to her, never in the 17 years that she was married to Agya Koo had she stolen a pesewa from him but Agya Koo insisted on his earlier allegations.

Agya Koo said he caused the arrest of his wife because she stole his car and gave it to her boyfriend.

He said he had been a loving husband and has been adequately providing for the wife and child so he was very surprised when he returned from a trip abroad only to find out that his wife had stolen his car.

The issue brought some bitterness, curses and the sad break-up of their marriage.

But the latest information reaching us revealed that, the ex-lover of Kofi Adu has tied the knot with an Akuapim Mampong Akyiapemhene, the ceremony which went on at Kasoa old town in the Central Region was fully attended by family members of the two couple.

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I Will Die If I Take My Wife Back - Agya Koo [2012]
Popular Actor Alex Kofi Adu Mensah (aka Agya Koo) says though he caused the arrest of his wife, he least expected the wife Victoria Darko (aka Akua Vic) to go public and lie about him and their martial matters.

According to Agya Koo, he never had a bad mind about Akua Vic but blamed her for allowing herself to be used by his traitors.

Speaking publicly for the first time about his marital problems on Adom TV on MultiTV, Agya Koo indicated that, though he had no regrets marrying Vic, he will find it difficult to reconcile with her now. “I will die if I take her back---wadwuma besei die, anka woyere nwu” the Popular Actor/Musician noted, to wit, it is better to lose your wife than to lose your job.

Kofi Adu admitted causing the arrest of his wife of 17 years, as well as a man he suspected was dating his wife. He however denied ever neglecting the upkeep of the wife or their only child adding, even their daughter’s school teachers can testify about who pays her fees.

He added that he had always walked with Vic to pick most of the awards he had received in the entertainment industry.

When the host inquired if the marital problem had affected his job in any way, Agya Koo replied in the negative. He said he even has more movie contracts to work on.

According to the Comedian turned Actor/Musician if he is to meet the wife and tell her something, all that he could say is “I told you so”.

Agya Koo added that, now the issue is with the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Police Service, because his wife alleged that, he had not been performing his responsibilities as a family man for some time.

The Actor indicated that, DOVVSU had advised them to go to court because his wife does not want to allow him take custody of their only child (Yaa).

When asked if he would consider marrying again, Agya Koo stated that, he is now afraid of women and that even if he would, he would “think twice”.

Source: yaa Asantewaa/Adomonline

Source: Seancitygh

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