Why Students Got Punished, When Schooling In Ghana - 15 Reasons:

1. Speaking Twi
I thought Twi was our language, even in China, their president speaks Chinese when giving a speech.

2. Growing your finger nails
Errm! what is wrong with that??

3. Not having a handkerchief
What if I don’t sweat?

4. Owning a phone in school
You just can’t own a phone, it will be seized and you may never get it back.

5. Wearing multicolored socks
On the real, why the need to wear white socks in a country with lots of dirt.

6. Not ironing your school uniform
What if dumsor hit me for 24 hours?

7. Skipping a subject
You just can’t, you have to attend all classes whether you like it or not, and we learn about 10 subjects every term.

8. Not writing notes
What if I have a magical way of grabbing whatever the teacher is teaching.

9. Having bushy hair
Whatever happened to style, we do not know but you can’t have any other hairstyle than cutting your hair down low for both males and females.

10. Skipping Saturday classes or extra classes
On the real, we’ve been learning from Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm, what would an extra one hour or day do to us? Gosh!

11. Refusing to be punished
When you know you are not at fault and refuse punishment, this gets you punished even more :( .. you just can’t win in this country.

12. Not buying pamphlet
Selling pamphlets was a way teachers made extra cash, not buying means you are hindering them from making money and you deserve to be punished.

13. Being reported for stealing at home
When home matters get to school, you are doomed. Beside the embarrassment, your punishment will be meted out in front of the whole school.

14. Not having tools or equipments for pre-technical or vocational skills class

15. Skipping school for more than a day
What if something bad happened or my parents didn’t have money?

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