One of the tapes believed to detail a conversation between 22-year-old Sarah Kwabla and Black Stars Captain Asamoah Gyan has surfaced.

In the tape, a voice sounding like that of the Ghana captain tries to persuade Kwabla to not only terminate a pregnancy, but also delete a sex tape.

The Gyan camp has not commented on this latest twist to the issue, which began with claims from Kwabla that the player forcibly had anal sex with her - in addition to rape - causing her to bleed profusely. She also accuses the striker of refusing to take responsibility for her pregnancy.


Miss Kwabla is also alleged to have asked Asamoah Gyan to get her a furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 for postnatal care.

But the Black Stars captain rejected the conditions describing, Kwabla's actions as an attempt to blackmail him.

The Joy Sports team provides the full transcript of the tape, which has been widely circulated on social media. Asamoah Gyan's camp has however not confirmed whether or not the voice on the tape is his.

'Gyan': Hello

Girl: Yeah, sorry about that, I kinda pressed the button.

'Gyan': Yeah, I said delete that video.

Girl: Okay.

'Gyan': You are saying just okay but you are not gonna delete it.

Girl: I will.

'Gyan': Errh?

Girl: I will delete [it]. I just needed to ask you.

'Gyan': When are you gonna delete it, eh?

Girl: Don’t get angry, okay?

'Gyan': Sure.

Girl: If I wanted to keep it, [it’s] for a reason.
'Gyan': So why do you wanna keep it?

Girl: You know I have been watching these...uhmm...videos on the internet...
'Gyan': It’s not good. It’s not a good thing. It’s not good. Just delete it. It’s not good…

Girl: Delete what?

‘Gyan’: Errhn

Girl: I have been watching these videos on the internet about u know, I have been thinking

‘Gyan’: You say you’ve been doing what?

Girl: Watching, errm, some videos on the internet about abortion and stuff you know aaand it sounds kinda…

‘Gyan’ interrupts: You have been watching videos on the internet about what?
Girl: About abortion. It’s on the internet.

‘Gyan’ [seemingly confused]: About a guy?

Girl [laughing]: Noooo! About Abortion. And it's kinda ..

‘Gyan’ interrupts [still confused]: About who?

Girl: It’s kinda crazy. That’s why I need to know.

‘Gyan’: You say you see what on the internet? Like you watch what on the internet?

Girl: Hello
‘Gyan’: Yeah. You say what? I can’t hear what you are saying, talk louder.

Girl: If I wanted to keep it what would you do?

‘Gyan’: I said it’s not a good thing

Girl: Why?

‘Gyan’: Why would you have to keep this kinda video? What do you wanna do with it?
Girl: Not the video…

‘Gyan’: Eh?

Girl: Not the video. The baby.

‘Gyan’: It’s the what?

Girl: Not the video, the baby…

‘Gyan’: Hello?

Girl: Hello? Can you hear me?

‘Gyan’: Hello?

Girl: I can hear you, can you hear me?

‘Gyan’: Yeah.

Girl: I said what if I wanted to keep the baby what will you do?
‘Gyan’: It’s not a good thing. It’s not the right time for you right now. It’s not good.

Girl: So you’re thinking about me and not yourself?

‘Gyan’: Pardon?

Girl: So you’re thinking about me and not yourself?
‘Gyan’: You said I’m talking about what?

Girl: You’re thinking about me and not yourself…

‘Gyan’: It’s not good. It’s not good for both [of us].

Girl: Why?

‘Gyan’: Because I am not ready for that?

Girl: Okay.

‘Gyan’: You, errm, Sammy [Gyan’s manager in Ghana] will come. When Sammy comes and everything is okay then I will also come in June and I will….

Girl interrupts: And what?

‘Gyan’: Like when Sammy comes everything will be fine. Hello?

Girl: Hello?

‘Gyan’: Everything will be fine and then you will promise me you are not gonna upset me again….. hmmm

Girl: Okay?

‘Gyan’: So you still wanna be with me?

Girl: Yup.

‘Gyan’: Eh?

Girl: Yup…

‘Gyan’: You sure you wanna be with me?

Girl: Yup?

‘Gyan’: Alright then you delete that video. You promise?

Girl: Yeah.

‘Gyan’: Are you hearing what I’m saying? You promise?

Girl: Yeah, I promise.

‘Gyan’: Mmm…

Girl: I promise.

‘Gyan’: You say what?

Girl: I promise

‘Gyan’: So when are you gonna delete it?

Girl: Errm tonight…

‘Gyan’: Just delete it.

Girl: Okay

‘Gyan’: Okay?

Girl: Okay.

‘Gyan’: Do you swear on your life?

Girl [laughing]: Yeah, I swear on my life.

‘Gyan’: You swear on your life?

Girl [still laughing]: Yeah.

‘Gyan’: Okay, just delete it right now.

Girl: Okay, alright I’m gonna do it right now!

Meanwhile, the lawyer for Kwabla says there are more audio recordings of conversations between his client and the player.

Source: myjoyonline

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