Madam Diana Baah Odoom, a Clinical Psychologist says homosexuality is a behaviour that is learnt.

She said that no one is born with the feeling of being with the same-sex.

Madam Diana Baah said no one is born a homosexual adding that, most at times, people who practice homosexuality are victims who have been introduced to the act by others, usually people who have been in the act. She stressed that constant practice makes one perfect and mentioned that homosexuality is never a disease.

Madam Baah who is a Clinical Psychologist at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital told Atinka News that homosexuals who are willing to give up the act can seek the services of psychologists. She mentioned that she has personally helped two homosexuals who were no more interested in the act.

Madam Diana Baah debunked the assertion that people with hormones of the opposite sex tend to be gay.

"It’s never true that people who have hormones of the opposite sex are homosexuals. However, they can show signs of the opposite sex but that does not make them homosexuals," she said.

The clinical psychologist acknowledged the fact that others are introduced into homosexuality due to their love for money because it is obvious that homosexuals attract their victims with expensive gifts.

Source: atinkaonline

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