According to ACCRA24.COM, Foreign Minister Hannah Tetteh urges Ghanaians abroad to  identify themselves with the country’s embassies, so that they can help Ghanaians abroad when the need arises but they cannot even provide an assistance to those Ghanaians at home, so how much can they help those in abroad?. Even many people die within Ghana more than Foreign countries.
Home sweet home, so they must first do their home work and then foreign countries.
From the source of myjoyonline, the minister said: “Ghanaians in the Diaspora don’t make themselves known to our missions, whenever there are meetings they are asked to register with mission because when you register we have your address, your phone number, we know who you are and where you are.

“If there is a problem, someone close to you or your next of kin in Ghana can be contacted should the need arise but when we find ourselves in a situation where someone is discovered and then documents found on the person suggest that that person is a Ghanaian citizen but the person is not known to our mission, then we now have to go through a process of discovery – which is very difficult.

The appeal follows media reports of a Ghanaian kidnapped by Militants in Libya.

Madam Tetteh spoke to Joy News Correspondent, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko on the sidelines of the opening of the 3rd National Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) stakeholders retreat at Elmina.

She advised Ghanaian residents both in and outside the ECOWAS region to make themselves known.

“Our missions are there to help you, this is not like when you’re living and working in Europe or in America or in any of the countries where if you over stay your residence someone is going to deport you so you want to hide the fact that you’re there.

“Within ECOWAS you don’t need to do that and so that all the more reason why you should make yourself known to our missions so that when you are in any difficulty we will be in a position to help you. If we don’t know you and we don’t know how you are there, how are we expected to assist you”, she quizzed.

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