In times past and even in recent times (from the year 2010), we have seen the Bet Awards have nominations of our African artistes but our Ghanaian gospel artistes have never been nominted.

In times past and even in recent times (from the year 2010), we have seen the Bet Awards have nominations of our African artistes but our Ghanaian gospel artistes have never been nominted. Mr Anane Frimpong, the Ceo of Frimprince Music Productions made his explanations to this clear to the press.He explained:

''In times past and even in recent times, collaborations in the music industry have proven to be a useful way in staying in touch with fans on the local scene and international stages. When we consider collaborations in the music industry in Ghana, many names come to mind. The collaboration trends took different shapes from the best artistes then (Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba), best of both worlds (A.B Crenstil and Obuor) and even collaborations between artistes of from different countries like (Florence Obinim and Princess Ifeoma) . One thing I find increasingly alarming is the state of collaborations among gospel artistes in the music industry in Ghana. These collaborations are rare. The rare ones too cannot stand the test of time. Is there a catch?

I am tempted to believe that our gospel artistes do not realize the opportunities one can gain from these collaborations. From the little research I conducted, it appears that there seems to be a lot of enmity in the gospel industry. Competition is also another factor why we have few collaborations between gospel artistes as compared to those among Hiplife and Highlife artistes. Many of our gospel artistes also focus so much on how much money they stand to make instead of focusing on the motivational aspect meant for their listeners. Our gospel artistes should take a cue from their Hiplife and Highlife counterparts and tap into the wonders of collaborations.

Collaborations make a good artiste better and there is not telling the economic benefits of a good collaboration and through this an artiste can gain international recognition, hence increasing his chance of being nominated in the BET AWARDS..A typical example is Sarkodie's NewGuy song which has been trending for the past weeks due to his collaboration with American rapper Acehood. As compared to the Hiplife and Highlife industries where we have come to see the likes of Sarkodie and Shatta Wale collaborating to bring out the best in them to please the fans who are staunch supporters, the gospel industry can boast of only a few of these link ups like Kwaku Gyasi and Christiana Love. My question is therefore is, why? I dare to say that in my candid opinion, I believe that these gospel artistes  do not seem to want to exploit the "richness" that linking up with other gospel greats and counterparts could yield.These collaborations can even take international twists with our artistes doing songs with other nationals.

How awesome and spirit-filled it would be to see for instance Evangelist Diana Asamoah doing a collaboration with Sonnie Badu, Uncle or Koda do a song togehter? Just imagine the number of souls that would be touched. Our gospel artistes should be up and doing and find good link ups that would last from generation to generation. Names may be forgotten but the legacy left behind would forever be remembered'

He also talked about Evangelist Diana Asamoah Tour in USA which is doing marvellously well and she will soon be returning to Europe (London) to conitnue her tour.

Source: frimprinceproductions

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